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Your Space to Tell Your Story

We wish to build a community of story-tellers and listeners who want to connect. This community is for you. Everyone experiences mental health struggles differently, but we believe being broken is a part of being human. We share that together. Let us connect and communicate by opening our hearts, sharing some kindness towards ourselves, and finding strength to partake in a little bit of vulnerability. Welcome to Our Collective Journal.

Please do not take, copy, or reproduce any of the material on this page. Please respect the authors and artists for sharing their work with us.

Would you like to submit an entry?

These stories are from teenagers and young adults, ranging across multiple genres including but not restricted to personal essays, fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry.

We ask that you treat each story with respect and kindness as it takes strength and courage for people to share them. We hope you approach this page with an open-mind, for everyone goes through different struggles and experiences them in their own ways. We are in no way suggesting how your should interpret or react to any story. We are simply a safe space for people to share.

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