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From Kelly

My name is kelly I'm 21 and I've been in the psych ward 3 times. I have bipolar and generalized anxiety disorder. Once when I was 16 and twice at 17 I was in the psych ward. I saw your video about restraining and I was restrained before one time. I was restrained only for crying, this was at ______ hospital on long Island New York. They put me and my ex boyfriend in a room together with 10 nurses and tried to force us to talk about our breakup. We both became angry and tried to go at each other but all we did was stand up and nothing else. I was given the sedative against my will but it didn't calm me down at all. It made me feel even worse and I cried so hard for hours after. The funny part is that they only give you boots juice when there are no parents around. If there are parents around you get to take a pill if they want you to. They don't want parents to see how violent nurses get to their children. All these hospitals have given me was extra trauma. Not once have my parents taken me out, they didn't listen to anything I said was happening and how I was being treated. I still don't forgive them for it.

At B____ hospital it was even worse, this time I was put in by force. The psychiatrist made up a lie that said I tried to kill myself although I didn't, and all I needed was a break, I didn't need to be taken to the hospital. Once I was in the hospital I would cry all day for a whole week and the second week was just as bad. This might be the worst mental hospital on all of long Island. You can look at the reviews for yourself. It was horrible in there. We weren't able to do any activities, we were locked to one wing with no gym or outside area. One time one of the girls had a breakdown and the door was locked for some reason. This was all in the room where we would do activities like drawing or playing cards. We all became triggered and were unable to leave. When security came one of the guards punched a girl in the face. There is no reason a guard should have been able to do that, I dont even think he was fired. There was no therapy in this psych hospital wither. We were just fed medication and let out after lying that we were okay. There is not a single girl in there that would be let out if they said the truth about how they felt. Psych hospitals are cruel and not fun like tiktok makes them seem. These are places where you can get ptsd and nurses will take sides with patients they like and treat you differently for no reason like it's high school. You aren't given any help there, the only thing is medication. They only talk to your parents and never ask you about how you feel or your symptoms other than maybe a bipolar yes or no sheet. How can you diagnose a patient when you only talk to their parents?

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