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Voices Meet Minds

Our Mission

Hello! We are Voices Meet Minds, a youth-led group advocating for mental health among youth. We believe that mental health is one of the most pressing issues that young people face today. Suicide rates have risen in recent years as a result of a multitude of factors such as competition, social media, body image, and more. We need to work on improving mental health advocacy and support. The goal of Voices Meet Minds is to spread awareness, break the stigma, and offer a safe space and community. How do we do that?

Our inspiration comes from the power of story-telling. We believe that sharing stories of all forms is a way of promoting connection and can ease the burden of mental health struggles. We like to think of our website as a collective journal. Through this platform, Voices Meet Minds hopes to help youth be more open, authentic, and kind to themselves.

Our Team

Co-founder & CEO: Isabel Xue

Co-founder & CEO: Natalie Omori-Hoffe

Social Media Manager: Julie Chen

Community Advocate: Mira Goldstein

Organizational Advisor: Ashley Lin

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