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From Isis

I don't remember a lot of what I went through, and I lost/had my journals taken away as I cycled through the system. At one place I was not allowed outside for 3+ months. One night I had a very difficult phone call with my parents. I was sobbing as I got off and went to cry in a corner. One of the staff came to tell me that I was not allowed to be there, but I stayed. A couple people came to comfort me, and every time someone came, she (the staff member) would force them to leave, threatening them with consequences. She even said, "If she wants to be comforted she can go cry in _______ (one of the main 'rooms')" They staff were supposed to be trained, etc. to deal with this. It is so hard to talk about, and it hurts that I can't remember.

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From Apollo

The nurse looked at my self harm scars and said, "I have seen worse. Cutting down is better than cutting across." It made me want to try cutting down more than across.

From Kelly

My name is kelly I'm 21 and I've been in the psych ward 3 times. I have bipolar and generalized anxiety disorder...

From Marissa

My name is Marissa I am 20 years old and in 2015-2016 I was hospitalized 3 times. I went to a place called _______ in _____ Washington...


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