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The Flower That Hides

by Rose

Content Warning: Abuse

Her flower curls up into hibernation.

She’s always asleep;

She’s never the blossoming garden

I wish her to be.

I used to kiss the honeysuckle

And praise her each night

But as the sky fell

A monsoon neared at night.

Why can’t you present a bouquet

that can warm my heart?

Why can’t you present yourself

as a work of art?

Lights of colors: purple and yellow.

They flare up in the air.

Tears streaming down

Washed away by rose stems.

Leave me alone!

I don’t need them anywhere.

Fall into the water

and drown right there.

One day I realized I was wrong.

My honey. The honey.

You wilted as my spear of light

pierced our throats.

I regret leaving you in the soil.

Withering away...I let you be.

Ready to burn from the shining Icarus

And soar into the sea.

I’m sorry I hold the waters beneath me.

I know you’ve noticed that my vines don’t budge,

so please forgive me.

Forgive me for all the sins I have done.

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