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Yellow Flowers

Our Collective Journal

Old Enough to Understand

by Luna

There are moments in my life where I believe the stars align and that life has so much love and adventure to explore. Where I point to the moon and share the beauty of the world with others. I notice the big things along with the little things. I appreciate the air I breathe in. I show how grateful I am for the people and love that I’ve received in life.


There are moments, such as now, where my heart begins to burn. Strangled with the trauma and insecurities. Fading into view from the shadows inside my mind. I feel the droplets of blood swirl into a pools of ashes. I never truly thought I would fall back into this state, but I’m starting to believe that with everything that has happened…I can’t hold it together much longer. 

My goal of this year was to explore myself and my identity, regain my long-lost passions, create new memories, make new connections and take care of my mental health. The last statement was a big one for this year. The thought of possibly not being in this world anymore scares me. And at the same time…it soothes me. I know many people say, “You don’t actually want to die, you just want the pain to go away”. And while that’s true…I can’t help but wonder: “Why can’t I escape that demon inside my head? Why does death loom so close? It pulls me back while I’m trying to stay afloat”.

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We are Voices Meet Minds, a youth-led group advocating for mental health among youth. We believe that mental health is one of the most pressing issues that young people face today. Suicide rates have risen in recent years as a result of a multitude of factors such as competition, social media, body image, and more. We need to work on improving mental health advocacy and support. The goal of Voices Meet Minds is to spread awareness, break the stigma, and offer a safe space and community.

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“It's so freeing when you question your anxiety and realize that there are solutions which aren't black or white.”

“I'm thankful of the people who stayed by my side.”

"No matter what I do, it never feels like I'm good enough."

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